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Quartz vs Granite Worktops

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The worktop material decision

When you’re trying to create a brand new look or setting for the kitchen of yours, selecting the ideal worktop is often time-consuming and difficult. The big selection of worktop materials are able to make it challenging to choose the best one for your space and lifestyle. Your ideal kitchen worktop must have a distinctive style, durability and also require low maintenance. Looking at these 3 elements that are key, we need to narrow your hunt down to 2 of the primary worktop materials, granite and quartz, both of which offer a terrific solution fitting these ideal qualifications.

When choosing what material to work with on your kitchen worktop, you can’t go wrong with picking a granite countertop or quartz. Not only will these supplies bring liveliness to the home of yours but each offer their own advantages. Quartz worktops are going to provide you with maintenance benefits that nature itself can not, while granite calls for higher maintenance. Neither quartz nor granite is going to disappoint in terms of general style and look.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are fabricated from organic quartz, among the most difficult nutrients present in the Earth, and little quantities of glass or maybe metal flecks are added to develop variety, causing gorgeous worktops. Additional benefit of quartz is it’s a non porous information, its texture doesn’t allow bacteria to grow as well as resists against stains, safeguarding the family of yours and making kitchen clean up easy. Because of this, quartz worktops never have to be sealed.

Apart from the durability that quartz offers, this content is gorgeous and its wide selection of style choices are sure to catch the eye of yours. Your choices are almost limitless as quartz ranges from healthy colors , for example, grays, browns and blacks to various other colors like blues or golds. The style of any quartz worktop not only creates character to the kitchen of yours but offers performance benefits that exceed other conventional materials.
Granite Worktops

Yet another one of the usually used substances for worktops is granite. Like quartz, this content is also really resilient. Granite is an all natural rock which is cut in its organic state and it is next polished to be used in homes. Maintenance after every usage is recommended to prevent staining with granite. To really clean granite, use warm soapy water to help you keep its shine.

Such a strong content is tough to scratch and can withstand temperature changes. Since it’s natural stone, granite does not supply as large of a selection of each piece and color options is different, consequently, often times kitchens have to be designed around the slab which is selected. That said, preparing a home around a granite worktop might not be a job.