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The best residential areas in Bangalore

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The most desirable residential areas in Bangalore are now becoming a kind of mini-India. With a variety of IT-related companies, tech parks, universities and colleges as well as fitness centers and some of the best shopping malls in the world Bangalore is now attracting people from all over the nation. How do you determine which areas are the most desirable to reside in Bangalore? Particularly if you’re moving to Bangalore for the first time. However, even after that it, you’ll have to go through the lengthy journey to find the best location, acquiring furniture, organizing groceries…Wait for a while. Let’s simplify that for you.

The Best Areas for Residential Areas in Bangalore

The 15 best residential zones in Bangalore to live in:

Bannerghatta Road

The area of Bangalore is home to many numerous hostels and apartments close to Bannerghatta Road. It is a great location to major landmarks and is why that the road is subject to an overwhelming volume of traffic each day. On the bright side it is possible to use the BMTC bus from work, and save money. Bannerghatta Road is also the “banner” of the biggest names: IIM-B HSBC, Accenture, Honeywell.

Electronic City

No one is surprised that Electronic City is the home to one of the largest Indian digital industrial park. However, it’s surprising that it was not that long ago that the area was not as developed however, it’s now being set to be transformed into a living lab. If the plan is approved and is approved, living standards there will be in line with the global standard. Even though it’s far from the main areas of the city The apartments and the affordable PGRs in Electronic City make up for it. And if the fact that this isn’t going to affect your decision to move to this area, but maybe it will. There are many outlets selling electronic products, and they tend to be priced at a lower price. This means that affordability does not have to be restricted to your housing.

Hosur Road

Hosur Road is among the main roads in the city, linking Bangalore with Hosur. Many people from different professions choose to settle here due to the excellent infrastructure and low costs, especially for PGs on Hosur Road. You don’t need to worry about anything when you are in this region. Banks, cafes, hospitals as well as schools, colleges and banks can be found easily. If you do decide to go out late into the late at night, there will always be one or two excellent restaurants open.


This was Tipu Sultan’s secret hideout years ago is now a well-known area for residential living in Bangalore. Kengeri is awash with finest co-living and apartments and is a gorgeous area to reside in. The entire area is covered in coconut farms, which is how the town is named. It’s true, Kengeri originates from Kannada terms “Tengu” which means coconut and “Keri” which means location. If you’ve always wanted to substitute your soft drinks with some coconut water This is the ideal way to begin the process.


In terms of Bangalore localities to live within, Koramangala tops the list. It’s a favorite hangout for the majority of college students, with numerous shops and cafes. In reality the South’s largest retail centers, Forum Koramangala is located within the region. Although the apartments are expensive, you will locate affordable PGs within Koramangala. The money you save could be spent on shopping trips in the malls.

Lalbagh Road

Lalbagh Road is a pleasant and peaceful area. There are a lot of PGs within the vicinity, and you’ll meet working professionals and college students. The name is derived from Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, it is said to be among many of the diverse botanical gardens found within South Asia. If you’re a fan of floral shows, the annual floral shows will blow your head. The 1,000 species of plants are sure to beg the parent of your plants.

Manyata Tech Park

Manyata Tech Park is the ideal area to reside in Bangalore particularly if you’re working in the park’s tech sector. This area is famous for its coworking, coliving culture, which is a major attraction for IT guys. There’s one important thing to keep in mind is that it’s not too far from the city center. If your friends request for a meeting in Koramangala or Indiranagar be sure to include the cab costs when you’re planning your budget for the night. Perhaps you can make new friends.


Being a resident of Marathalli is extremely practical and cost-effective. If you’re looking to live in a rental apartment or a PGs apartment in Marathahalli there are many options to pick from. They’re not going to hurt your budget. Apart from being connected to all areas of the city, the area is home to a number of schools. As well as a variety of shopping centers. Also, The HAL Aerospace Museum (you know that if you’re sick of the daily grind and are in need of some “space” to relax).


Mathikere is among many sought-after residential locations in Bangalore. Why is that? It’s because the area has many green and wide open areas. Also, there is the stunning Jai Prakash Narayan National Park located by Mathikere Lake. Mathikere lake. The park is home to running and walking trails, a pool, a fountain with music and playgrounds for children (and adults who wish to be kids again).


Mailasandra is now a center for students due to its location near to Rashtriya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE). It’s a private institution that offers 11 engineering faculties and architecture, a school of architecture, as well as many other programs. If you can’t find an admissions slot in the hostel at the college, or you don’t enjoy the messiness of the food and sloppy food, you are able to transfer to one of the apartments close to it. There, the food will not disappoint, as we guarantee.


Yelahanka is gaining popularity as one of the top residential regions in Bangalore because of its proximity to the entire city. within the city. It is one of the top real property areas located in North Bangalore. If you’re a pupil at REVA university This is the ideal area to reside in. It’s close to the school and there are plenty of co-living homes in the area. If you’re one who likes sleeping early in the morning, you’ll enjoy staying in these residences.

Sarjapur Road

If you’re sharing a space with your family and friends, and all of you work for various IT firms, Prestige City Sarjapur is the best location to think about. It is connected to all important areas of Bangalore. This allows you to make your friends from other areas in the city. You and your friends could live in a coliving area in Sarjapur. Also, you can make a new group of friends.


If you’re within IT, Whitefield might have the office of your dreams. Even though it’s just 15km from the center in the city could take up to 2 hours to travel to your workplace. Thanks, Bangalore traffic. Therefore, rather than spending 4 hours each day commuting It’s a good idea to rent an apartment , or even a PG within Whitefield itself. Don’t fret that the area is packed with cineplexes, shopping centers, as well as your preferred restaurants. In the same way, Whitefield is to Bangalore the same way that Gurgaon does to Delhi.


Though it’s a bit expensive, Indiranagar is one of the best places to live in Bangalore. It is located in the middle of the city, and offers everything from suburban areas to commercial areas. Not to mention the finest pubs, cafes and brewery. We suggest a trip to Glen’s Bakehouse as well as TOIT If you’re within the region.

HSR Layout

One of the more modern suburbs in Bangalore, HSR Layout is one of the elegantly designed and luxurious areas. But the costly rents haven’t been enough to deter residents from moving to the area. It’s not surprising since the area is close to a lot of IT park in Bangalore. This means you’ll be able get your rent paid by replacing your taxi ride by walking to the office or to college.

FAQs on Areas of Interest in Bangalore

Which is the most desirable Area within Bangalore to live in?

Koramangala is the top residential neighborhood in Bangalore however, it is also among the most expensive areas to reside in. If you’re in search of affordable options, you could look at the various residences available in the vicinity.

Which is the Cost of Living in Bangalore?

If you were a single person, the price is around $20,000 per month.

The Which one is the Fastest growing Area of Bangalore?

North Bangalore is now an future residential and commercial central point within the metropolitan area.

The Which one are which is the Most Posh Area in Bangalore?

Indiranagar is a posh area, with expensive bars and fancy breweries is one of the most luxurious areas of the city. It is a great place to have a date or for a business meeting.