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What is a building survey and why are they important?

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If you’re considering buying an investment property, but aren’t sure to conduct a building inspection prior to finalising your purchase your purchase, you’re in the right spot. We’ve collected information to explain how crucial construction surveys can be and how you shouldn’t miss when buying a home.

What is an architectural survey?

The building survey will be an examination of the property you’re considering buying to find any issues either major or minor and any other flaws in the property’s condition beneath the surface.

A complete survey report will contain;

A thorough analysis of any flaws on or in the property, in addition to the potential hazards that may be present or could develop,
Assistance to handle any maintenance or repairs required on the property along with an estimated cost,
An explanation of the structural works the property previously had,
If needed, a written appraisal for the home.

The survey will carefully examine the exterior and interior of your home, as well as the accessible and visible areas to provide you with a thorough overview of the entire area.

What are the main points of this study?

The surveyor is required to complete the following steps and will provide the evidence for any of these;

Tests for dampness,
Any changes made to support walls,
Material that is hazardous, such as asbestos,
Japanese knotweed,
Roof damaged,
Large trees that pose a danger to the property’s border,
Dry rot or woodworm,
Important information regarding the components used in the construction of the property
Any suggestions if you require further investigation.

What is the importance of a building survey London?

These surveys could identify any structural problems the property may have and let you know whether it’s worth the price you’re asking for. Sometimes sellers don’t know about the problems in their property, and thus they offer a price that isn’t reflective of the work that needs to be done. If you conduct a building survey of the property, you will be able to determine the real worth of the home and ensure that you’re paying more than what you should be in the event of substantial damage.

If the survey uncovers structural problems that could be an issue, it will give you two options. You can choose to either walk out of the purchase aware that it’s not a good idea , and then go to something else appropriate, or, if you’re nonetheless determined and ready to fix the problems and fix them, you could use the information gathered from this survey to negotiate an asking price for the property.

The best time to conduct conducting a building inspection is prior to when you make a final decision on the purchase in order to allow you the chance to reconsider your decision if you’re required to. While they may be somewhat expensive- costs vary between PS500 to PS1000 dependent on the location and the size of the house you’re considering- they could save you thousands when there’s a problem that you weren’t aware of before.

Are there other options?

If you’re worried about the cost of an inspection of your building There are better alternatives,

A condition report focuses on the condition of a home and pinpoints immediate issues that could lead to legal issues. The report will not offer guidance or an estimate since it’s the simplest most affordable survey, typically costing about PS250.
A homebuyer’s report is ideal for homes that are contemporary and in decent state. The report will focus on the possibility of structural problems that are damp, but it doesn’t look into past issues at the surface. It is more costly and will cost about PS400.

The final decision on whether the building survey is suitable for you will depend on your own personal preference. While it may seem costly however, if it reveals problems within a home, it could save you much time and money. And should you choose to pay for an inspection, discover serious problems and decide that you don’t intend to purchase the property further, you’ll be able to sell the report of the survey to prospective buyers, thereby gaining some of your investment back. It is best to think about such things over the long term what amount of money can be saved in the future if you pay the cost now?