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What To Think About When Choosing Student Accommodations In Leicester?

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There’s no one correct way to pick where to live. There are lots of variables such as your budget, where the accommodation is situated and the quality of it – so think about what’s most significant to you. Use to search for the UCAS accommodation search to find out which student accommodation at Leicester university is available – and examine any information your chosen university may provide regarding the private housing in the area.

These are some of the questions that will stimulate your search for an accommodation and if you’re curious about which other students picked the best place to stay, don’t hesitate to speak to students already studying at university.

1. Do you have to stay in halls the first year of uni?

The situation is different for each university. Some are more hall-like than other. It’s possible that you’ll have to spend years in halls, or perhaps not even spend any time. Usually you’ll find places in halls fill up quicker than rooms in private accommodation There’s usually a lot of accommodation in universities. So take a look at what you may prefer.

You can find out more about each school you’re interested in by looking at the details they’ve posted on their website on accommodation.

2. Who do you want to live with?

Housemates – typically, your hallmates are assigned by your university. However, you might be able of stating an interest on your application if there are particular requirements or want to live with someone who you already know.

Private – you might have the option of choosing your own housemates in private accommodation, e.g. if a few of your classmates are attending the same uni. Students tend to move to private housing in their second yearof study, which is when they are able to live with friends they’ve got to know during their initial year. Also, if you’re seeking accommodation after the application process – and , as a consequence, there’s no space in halls for your first year – you might be able to share a room with students that are moving straight into private accommodation.

3. Where do you want to be?

Halls are usually located within the campus, or close to, or with transportation for students to and from your campus (with student-friendly prices). Some halls are closer to the town centre than the campus itself – or they could be tucked in a quieter area, containing its own amenities (like a shop, refectory and bar for the Students’ Union or even the gym or sports court).

Private student houses or flats are a possibility anyplace in town, from safe neighbourhoods for families to lively areas that have nightlife or entertainment locations close to.

4. What is the length of time you would like to remain there?

Halls are usually rented out for lengths of tenancy that match the academic year. This could be from September to June for example, and you could then return home to spend the summer before going back to your university. Your university might offer different terms of tenancy, however – get in touch with them to find out more.

Private – the length of tenancy varies for student housing that is private. You may be able to stay in the property for a whole calendar year in order to stay in the town of your university or city over the summer. You may also be able to live in the same location for multiple years in case you’re pleased with the home and residents you share it with.

5. What spaces in shared space would you like?

Halls: You’ll have one bathroom shared with your housemates or your own shower room. There’s probably no outside space that is exclusive to you and your roommates. There may be some green areas or courtyards outside that are shared with other halls of students, or perhaps your halls are located on campus.

Private – you’ll probably have a shared bathroom as well as an individual garden or courtyard, which could be great if you like growing things as well as barbecues and enjoying time outdoors.

Ok, what should I do now?

Check out the pictures! Imagine you living in various types of lodging. Make sure to go on a tour of the accommodation options so that you can imagine the kind of experience you’ll have.