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Where is my local supplier?

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The suppliers of aggregates can vary across the United Kingdom. Although aggregates can be found in every corner of the UK, the type of gravel can vary massively depending on the local quarry of that region.

For example, if you are a customer in the south of England looking to purchase some decorative garden gravel, a great choice would be Golden Flint. This type of decorative gravel is found in abundance throughout the Dorset area. Flint that is quarried in Dorset is transported across all of the United Kingdom, from the very north to the far south west. Golden flint is one of the most known stones due to its hard wearing, golden colour, suited mainly as chippings for a driveway or for paths. Another type of flint you can find is called Moonstone flint, not so golden but has a wonder mixed of black, white and brown stones.

Customers in the south to the middle of England are also spoilt for choice as another popular product is limestone gravel, better known as Cotswold gravel. This is found above Dorset in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. This stone has been quarried here for centuries and has been used to build many of the houses across the Cotswold area. Again this stone is sent all across the United Kingdom.

Let’s say you are now a customer in Cornwall, looking for some granite chippings. You are definitely in luck now; Granite is the most dominant stone in Cornwall. This material is used throughout the country and the surrounding areas as a building aggregate and as a decorative gravel. Most of the quarries that you will find in Cornwall consider Granite as a secondary aggregate, due to this it is a great way of obtaining a cheap garden gravel. Cornish granite is known as being some of the best throughout the UK and you can find many online suppliers of granite chippings shipping this product all across the United Kingdom.

Customers in the North of England will not miss out either, across the west of the country you will find limestone and slate quarries. The quarries of this grey gravel is known best for producing grey stone chippings, you can find examples of this all over the north of England, whether it is being in gardens, driveways or as pot toppers in beds.

If you’re still looking at finding a gravel supplier near me, don’t worry! There will most defiantly be a supplier from a source locally, if not take a look at some suppliers online. Gravel is some of the easiest material to transport, being contained in dumpy bags or smaller 25kg bags, measuring no more than 1 cubic meter in the biggest bag, they can be easily packed, strapped to a pallet and sent onto a truck pretty much anywhere in the country.

Thanks to our nation of hauliers, products such a granite, limestone, slate and flint can be shipped directly to your door for a very reasonable price. Just check out the postage costs on some of the supplier’s websites to see for yourself.