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Why Go Electric For Your Bifold Door Blinds?

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Modern bifold doors are an excellent method of blurring the boundaries between your outdoor and indoor spaces, and create a wonderful open-plan living. If you’re looking for some privacy, or want to keep out some sunshine, heat and glare blinds made of electric are a great alternative when it comes to bifold doors. With sleek and contemporary designs, sleek fascias, and simple controls blinds that are electric designed for doors with bifolds are getting more sought-after. Here are a few reasons…

Take advantage of the perspective

Bifold doors are a huge space of light and glass that lets you take advantage of the view beyond. Make sure that your blinds and curtains block the view. Have your blinds with electric motors installed to a fascia, pocket or ceiling recess to make sure blinds completely disappear and does not block the bifold doors.

Modern and simple Modern Style

Blinds with electric motors compliment the sleek and modern design that bifold doors have. If you’re looking for a separate blind for each glass pane or one big one that covers the entire length of your door, the blinds made of electric are stylish and elegant.

Control using your mobile or tablet

Enjoy complete and automatic control of your blinds with electric. With the click of one button on a remote control or an app for your mobile device or tablet you can open and close your blinds with ease. You can also program your blinds to open and close at specific times of your day even if you’re not home.

Custom-made to be

All of our bifold door blinds are designed to precisely fit your bifold doors. We’ll visit your house to take precise measurements , and our skilled craftsmen will put the blinds to be perfectly fitted, which means you’ll get complete coverage regardless of the size of the windows frames.

Cordless security

If you have kids or pets the fact that they are cordless blinds with electric cords make them a great choice for families with homes. Don’t be concerned about the risk of hanging cords once more.


Even if there isn’t any power source within the bifold doors, we are able to install a battery-operated wireless system. With batteries that last between five and ten years it is an extremely effective option that doesn’t require to connect any electrical wiring to the wall.

A huge variety of fabrics

We offer a wide variety of electric blind fabrics that you can choose from. Choose from semi-transparent screen to complete blackout blinds and with over 500 shades offered, you’re bound to find one to fit the decor of your home.

Simple installation

Relax and enjoy while our professional electricians take charge of all the measurements and installation of your brand new electronic blinds that fold bifold. Our team works quickly and efficiently to make sure that your blinds look stunning but also function flawlessly. In addition, if you’re responsible for building work We can collaborate with other contractors on site to install your blinds in a matter of minutes.

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Overall, electric blinds designed for bifold doors are a stylish and straightforward solution to increase privacy, block out glare, and regulate temperature within your home. Fully wireless and built to your specifications, and with a the widest selection of fabric weights and colors Our electric blinds make a stunning impression in any space.