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Why Location Matters For Your Leicester Student Accommodation

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Moving out of the home with your family and into a new residence in a student housing facility is usually among the most exciting, yet often, the most terrifying aspect of attending university. When selecting a possible college and university It is also important to look into what student accommodation is available as there are many factors to take into consideration when selecting the best location to live in. Particularly, if you’re planning to move abroad or aren’t familiar with the city you are living in.

The majority of students are in the duration of their academic year, that’s about. 9 months. For most people this will be the first time they’ve lived in a foreign country. This can be quite challenging however, it can also teach you lots of life-skills that are valuable like budgeting and cooking, as well as mastering the art of managing adult life.
As you prepare for life at university Students who are new to the university can be faced with many crucial decisions to make…once you’ve chosen which university you’d like to attend The next major issue to be addressed will be: “Where am I going to stay?”

To aid you in making this choice, we’ve compiled some of the best tips to keep in mind when selecting your student accommodation:

1.) Take note of your plans

We have observed in our experience that most accommodation is booked four to eight weeks before the date of orientation for the semester. It is recommended to begin searching for options for accommodation once you have received an acceptance letter from your preferred institution, to ensure that you do not miss out on the option you prefer. Be organized and actively contact student housing developments to let them know you are interested. Be aware that competition could be intense and there are many students looking for a place to stay. Prepare yourself for tours, viewings and virtual tours, and don’t hesitate to inquire for additional details should you require make sure you’ve made the right decision.

2.) Choose the location (location)

Does location matter? For 86% of students interviewed on the basis of a recent study, the answer is yes! It’s crucial to consider the ease of living in your home. If you are in a location near the university can be advantageous and can help you reduce time. If you’re walking distance of the campus facilities, nearby stores or the city’s centre. It is helpful to know the public transportation options accessible from your accommodation close to campus.

3) Set your budget

There are many pricing and options available with student accommodation Leicester. Be sure to consider more than the priceand find out what’s included and not and the facilities offered. This means taking a look at the benefits of these developments, including city centre locations that save you money on transportation and proximity to stores, gyms, and parking.

Before you decide on a place to stay ensure that you know what is included in the rental amount.

All charges included in rent (water and heating, electricity,)
TV and TV Licence
24/7 reception is available 24/7.
Self-contained units
Study area
Games are in the area
TV room
Coin controlled laundry facility
Parking is free.
Storage for bikes

It is also a method to reduce stress since you know precisely what you have to pay for every month. Being able to concentrate on getting settled into your new surroundings, making new friends and learning.

Keep in mind that these factors could have a significant impact on your entire academic experience. It’s essential to pick what’s best for you.