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Why Switch To LED Batten Lights?

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LED lighting has many advantages, from their durability to energy efficient LED lights have met every need. In the past, the majority of us utilized fluorescent light bulbs, but since we realized that they can be harmful, a lot of us have made the switch to LEDs however there are a few who have not made the switch to LEDs, and instead are making use of fluorescent tubes. To make us everyone informed, through this post we’ll be telling you about the advantages that LED lights have over fluorescent lights however, before we begin the comparison between these twotypes of lights, we’ll look at the general benefits when switching to LED lights. Take a look!

Benefits of switching to LED light bulbs

* LED lights consume less electricity. It could save you as much as the 80% of your lighting power bill, and can be energy efficient.

* LEDs are able to maintain a cold temperature. Contrary to the old fluorescent light that heat up, LEDs don’t get hotter. The excess heat and ultraviolet radiation could pose a risk to both materials and people. However, LED lighting emits no ultraviolet radiations

* LED bulbs don’t generate blue waves. This makes our brains relax and boosts the efficiency

The LED light bulbs are long-lasting and last for up to 15 years with the same quantity of light. In contrast to other lighting that dim, LED lights do not dim over the passing of time.

The LED light bulbs are eco-friendly since they do not emit toxic gasses

Benefits from LED Batten Lights over fluorescent Tube Lights

LED Batten lights : LED Batten lights are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, produce less heat, maintenance-free and durable as compared to fluorescent tube lights. Furthermore LED batten lights offer uniform lighting, and can provide substantial savings because of the lower power consumption and lower voltage. LED technology is superior to bulbs that are fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen lighting. They will be modern lighting due to its longevity and effectiveness. Here are a few advantages of LED batten lighting:

1. Requires less current.

2. A higher light output than other sources.

3. You can pick the colour.

4. 90% longer life span over fluorescent tube lights with a 90% longer lifespan. Even at the end of their lives, they can easily dispose of them and there’ll be no hazardous debris left behind or any particular treatment is required during the process.

5. The light is constant, but you are able to dim LEDs at your preference.

6. Energy efficient.

7. There is no mercury used.

8. Produce less heat.

9. Environment-friendly, as it does not contain toxic chemicals, which represents virtually no hazard to the surroundings.

10. Ideal for use for hospitals, schools factories, residential areas and schools.

11. Flicker-free operation.

12. There are virtually no cost of maintenance.

13. The sleek and lightweight design.

Fluorescent Tube Lights : The fluorescent tube lights dim over time, and can be costly due to regular maintenance. When fluorescent light bulbs are used, toxic chemicals like neon leakage are believed to be a source of contamination for the environment and cause dangers. Here are some of the reasons not to make use of fluorescent tube lights :

1. Lights are less intense than LEDs.

2. More power is needed than LEDs.

3. A limited selection of colours

4. Much shorter life span than LEDs.

5. The light gets dimmer with time.

6. The light will flicker when the switch is turned on.

7. Primarily, it produces UV radiation

8. It contains toxic chemicals like neon

9. It emits heat

10. Regular revamping and ballast replacement. This means that high maintenance costs are needed.

This is a list of the benefits from LED batten lighting versus Fluorescent tube lights. So switching into LED Batten lights is the best choice you could choose.