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Why You Need Professional Window Shutter Installation

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Why should you select a window blind fitting company?

Looking to install shutters yourself? The choice of a contractor to come to your home may seem intimidating at first. However, with friendly fitters such as those at Shutters-Design You can be at ease knowing that you will get a good fit every time.

Instead of the stock-room alternatives Interior window shutters are custom-made and brings new life to your living space. Unlike new curtains or blinds they do require a precise installation, relying on expertise in the field to ensure they last for a long time to be.

At Shutters-Design We take pride in our warm and professional approach. We remove our shoes as we enter our homes We clean up when we’re finished, and will guide you through the proper maintenance and care of the shutters. We cherish the beauty of your home: it’s your space and we’d like it to appear as beautiful like you do.

What’s a shutter installation?

Window shades aren’t often employed for other uses around the house, but shutters with plantation shades are a preferred choice because they are able to. As well as offering effective lighting control, they could be used to divide rooms or wardrobe doors for instance. While there are guides online showing you how to install plantation shutters, they are to be approached cautiously if you’re considering doing it yourself.

The shutters may end up getting damaged because of being poorly fitted. Usually comprising both a frame and panels, the installation of shutters must be carried out with precision otherwise, there is chances of issues during functioning.

How to install shutters in just seven steps!

Although each shutter installation is unique, there are a number of essential steps should be completed each time:

Ensure the surrounding surface is secured for fixing
Assemble frame (in recess, if necessary)
Install frame loosely
Attach panels
Make sure that the panel moves correctly
Make sure that the frame is securely secured to the surrounding
Adjust hinges on the panel as needed.

Special shapes, tracks such as bay windows, tier-on–tier tracks and tier-on–tier installations may require additional steps to be followed during the installation. Adjustments and amendments may also have to be made in order to ensure the installation is completed in the best possible way even if the measurements taken at the beginning were wrong. This is why it’s an excellent option to trust the shutter installation services provided by companies like Shutters-Design.

Can shutters be fitted to any window?

From arches, bays and portholes to gable end, skylights and conservatories, there are numerous types of windows that can be found in the home. Through time, windows have been a key architectural feature that allows air and light and have evolved in fashion and design just as tastes have evolved from generation generations.

There are a whole variety of creative window designs that are modern in design, and shutters prove to be an elegant option for the vast majority. From tiny portholes, to massive Gable ends, windows come in all sizes and shapes however, as our shutters are custom-made, we guarantee there will find a solution to your needs. Your window’s surrounds and windows will dictate the manner in which shutters can be installed, but with so many designs, colours and materials options, you can have the option of choosing a design that will match your individual style.

Shutters can be put on virtually any window inside, within or outside the recess as that the fixing surface is secured. Even rooms with damper environments like bathrooms shouldn’t pose challenges to shutter’s treatment since they can be made of ABS that is waterproof, which is a durable polymer.

Fitting shutters to uPVC windows requires a little more experience, but can be accomplished by a professional installer. Many homeowners choose to match the thermoplastic that is hardened from ABS with uPVC for areas susceptible to condensation and dampness.

If your windows are of a standard design There’s a shutter solution that can meet your requirements. Even if the fixtures of your house are out of the ordinary, it’s well worth exploring the options by consulting your local Shutters Design expert, as we fit almost every kind of window there.

How long does it take to fit shutters?

Knowing how to install interior shutters will give you more insight into how long window shutters installation can take. The experts who have experience will be of course better-equipped and knowledgeable than the average DIY enthusiast.

There are always a number of aspects to be considered including the size and shape of the window and fixing surfaces, frame elements, and track elements. The larger windows or spaces often take longer to fit as well, and this is why they need to be taken into consideration if you’re looking to have them put in place in your house.

In the initial (free) survey, your local Shutters-Design expert should be able to give an approximate estimate of the amount of time needed for any job. The smallest jobs could take a couple of hours, but to ensure your shutters are installed with precision, larger jobs or entire houses may take several days or even longer.

Do I have the ability to put in the shutters myself?

Shutters are constructed using high-precision joining techniques such as mortise or tenon joint. When using shutter elements, like tilt rods, you will require additional techniques that must be applied to attach them properly.

In the case of setting up of the shutter panels and frames, we suggest you go with an established local business, such as Shutters-Design. However good your DIY abilities are, there is no substitute for experts who are trained and have specialist expertise. It is also important to note that incorrect fitting may end the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Fitting shutters to windows with sash, bays or installing track mechanisms can be difficult to install, so it is important to consider the possible problems that could arise from an unprofessional installation versus the added cost of fitting. For what is often only an one-time project, learning a completely new set of skills could be a daunting task for many due to how long it takes to learn.

If you’re considering a do-it-yourself approach to shutters, then you’ll be aware of the specifics required when measuring. That’s why shutters that are made to measure from a trusted company such as Shutters-Design are the most reliable option.

We provide all the services starting with precise measurements and price-friendly quotes, through to expert fitting and after-care. DIY shutter kits can be purchased from many online retailers but aren’t easy to put together and are not always appropriate for people who aren’t experienced. With Shutters-Designyou can count upon the guarantee that shutters appear their best for years to be.

What about custom-designed shutters?

Shutters-Design believes in made-to-measure, which is why we only sell customized shutters. This means that almost every shape of the window can be completed with shutters, from ovals and circles through to triangles and obviously, the more common rectangles and squares.

Interior shutters are also an extremely popular option for arched windows as well as Gable ends that are angled, which fit the unique contours in a way other solutions can’t.

Architects are known to make a visual statement with their design, and it is normal to create security and control of light through even the most unusual openings. Special shape shutters are individually designed to fit the space and highlight the stunning features of your home , and also providing an alternative for those times when curtains and blinds don’t seem to work.

The Shutters-Design Difference?

Our goal is for your experience with Shutters Design to be pleasant. Not just because of our stunning selection of shutters and products as well as the attention we provide from the first moment you contact us to the final result.

We know it’s vital to trust anyone who comes into your home. You’ll need the work done correctly the first time. Only by understanding our customers’ insights and experiences that we’re able to satisfy their needs, over and over again.

If you decide to place an order, we’ll make sure we schedule a suitable time and date. After the installation is completed we’ll walk you through how to operate and maintain them and make sure your home is in the same order as when we arrived!

Shutters-Design clients across the UK have repeatedly commented on our professionalism with attention to details and knowledge. We care about your home We care about getting you the right shutters, in a way that is suitable for you, at each step.

What do our customers say about the quality and quality of work we do?

At Shutters-Design We pride ourselves in being experts in shutters which includes our fitting services. With a keen attention to detail, our fitters will take the various shutter elements and assemble them in situ or nearby, ensuring the shutters are securely fixed in order to protect them from damage.