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Why you Should Consider Brick Slip Cladding

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The word’ cladding’ is given to non structural components that remain on, and connect to, the main structural framework of a construction. For many commercial structures, the outside surfaces are structural, like various other kinds or brick walls of masonry. Nevertheless, cladding panels, given they’re typically placed on the building structure, it’s zero bearing on a building’s stability.

Cladding does need to include adequate robustness, durability and resistance properties to outside factors. It makes an external barrier of safety, sound resistance, insulation and safety measures. The cladding itself is available in a number of various forms; just about the most well known of those types is brick slip cladding.


We have in the past explored what cladding brick slips are, common question as well as responses, in addition to exactly why they are able to be helpful for business buildings. To summarise, brick slips, often called slip bricks, are thin layers of standard facing brick, and also possess an equivalent visual appearance. Much love clay bricks, they’re obtainable in a broad range of colours, styles and designs.

What exactly are THE Benefits of BRICK SLIP CLADDING?

Much less maintenance

A substantial benefit of the cladding procedure would be that the building demands much less upkeep down the line. Many varieties of brick cladding just need washing to keep the lively appearance of its looking perfect.

Provides good reinforcement

Brick slip cladding systems assist the structure resist becoming damaged or tainted by severe atmospheric conditions, that also prevents cracking. Buildings that include brick cladding will also be much more resistant to humidity, mould and also damage brought on by pollution. Considering the qualities of brick (and brick slips, by extension), and just how powerful it’s as being a content, it provides much in terms of reinforcement.

Visual value

To consider you are able to buy grey brick slips, red brick slips and nearly another colour you are able to think of, the appearance of any building may be considerably increased by making use of these items. Fitting bright, textured and vibrant brick cladding panels onto a plain, ordinary looking structure is able to change the visual look of its, and also offer it a lot more of a’ wow factor’.


Architects must take environmental impact into account regarding buildings. Most buildings could meet up with certain laws being deemed fit for purpose, and also the materials should preferably be renewable. Brick cladding enables you to minimise carbon dioxide emissions leaving the building (emitted through central heating), while likewise offers excellent natural insulation of the structure itself.

Increased internal insulation

On that note, based on the brick cladding thickness, it is going to offer increased degrees of insulation in a framework. Not only in terminology of heat, but additionally noise, which is perfect for commercial buildings in densely populated, cities. This will even help maintain the structure warmer in winter, with additional level of protection making it much easier to regulate temperatures, ultimately leading to reduced energy costs.

A lot of the same practical advantages of brick

We have in the past touched on the benefits of clay bricks, and also brick slips offer a lot of the same. The one difference is the fact that slips don’t have any load bearing capabilities; they can’t be used to allow for a structure by themselves. All slip bricks are moulded and also fired the exact same fashion as clay facing bricks, meaning they still remember the exact same degree of quality as well as an appearance which is usually indistinguishable from regular bricks. These items are able to fit a feature wall, outside wall and therefore are cost effective.