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Top Benefits of a Grease Trap for a Business

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The grease trap is not probably the most glamorous part of a professional kitchen. Usually hidden beneath the sinks or maybe outside underground, it remains out of sight and does not draw lots of interest. Regardless of this particular low profile, the grease trap commercial is among the most crucial areas of the business of yours – and also when improperly maintained, it is able to lead to significant problems. In the dark about grease traps? We explain their benefits and function so that you are able to make probably the most of the hardworking kitchen component.

Stop the FOG

Throughout the standard functioning of a cooking area, there is going to be a lot of compounds poured down the drain of a sink. Almost certainly, only a few of it’s healthy and safe to sign up for the shared drainage process for the community, and that is exactly where the drain leads. To capture these rogue substances before they reach the primary sewage line, a grease trap is necessary to gather them. Along with these substances, several of the most crucial to hold out of pipes are grease, oils, and fats, referred to as FOG.

If FOG is permitted to go into the sewer system, large quantities are able to gather and also develop, creating “fatbergs” underneath cities that create major plumbing issues. If perhaps everyone’s grease traps work, although, the FOG could be collected on time and stay away from this menace from growing under the streets.
Help Out the Environment

FOG isn’t just unsafe due to the destruction it is able to result in to pipes plus sewage systems. It is able to additionally damage the planet when permitted to enter waterways. FOG that’s not gathered up by grease traps could be introduced into streams and rivers, contaminating them and rendering it dangerous to consume the water. It is able to additionally develop a hazard for animals residing in these environments. Without grease traps, this particular FOG will continue unimpeded into water catchment areas, so we will drop the capability to turn it into another use, assisting the planet. Just like important, in case it has proven that the business of yours is improperly handling FOG, you can face high fines from local, state, along with federal agencies.
Proper Maintenance Tips

For the grease trap to do the work of its, you must adopt best practices to make sure proper function. Several of these suggestions include:

Scrape off additional meal on plates: Before you make use of the sink to clean dishes, ensure some huge chunks of foods are scraped away to restrict the quantity of waste the grease trap needs to collect.
Recycle your cooking oil: Pouring used cooking oil down the drain is among the greatest factors which can result in damage in the pipes of yours. Rather, have your used cooking oil recycled so that it could be transformed into renewable biofuel.
Clean out the catch: The frequent threshold for draining the grease trap of yours happens when it’s one fourth of the manner in which full. Once FOG builds up past this mark, the trap’s success is reduced. Be sure to monitor how fast the trap of yours fills up so that you understand when you should get it emptied.

Maximize Grease Trap Benefits

A purposeful grease trap is a crucial part of all kitchens.