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What To Expect At The Sainsburys Toy Sale?

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Each year, typically during the month of October the Sainsbury’s stores in England offer a half-price sale on toys to help smart shoppers are able to get their Christmas shopping done however this year it’s being held in November. It’s in full swing right now through November 16th.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get a few more toys for a low cost. There are the standard brands that your children know and are fond of: Lego, Barbie, vTech, Pepper Pig and Disney and many more beyond, so you’re getting the most diverse selection of toys.

Half price toy sale

Each every year, the sale becomes increasingly well-known. You can’t purchase or reserve toys on the internet, so you have to arrive early to ensure you’ll receive the toys you’re looking for.

The most popular deals are sold quickly. fast…snooze and you’ll miss out on this sale! The amount you can save will depend on the specific deal but discounts generally between 25% and 50 percent.

What are the best deals available?

While the supermarket isn’t strictly an toy store but it does a decent job at having the latest toys that kids (and the big ones!) are seeking and at reasonable prices .

Are the Sainsbury’s Toy Sale Online?

There are some deals on the Sainsbury’s website, however, they’re nowhere near what you’ll find at the stores. The shelves at the local Sainsbury’s were packed to the brim with toys (after delays in shipping ) and even though they’re selling out like hotcakes, they’re getting replenished rapidly.

The Sainsbury’s Toy Sale Dates

So…you’ve made a plan and are aware of what you want. Find out below our advice on how you can get the most value from the toy auction.

Sale Tips

Like all times, even in an event, it’s best to ensure you won’t find the same item for less in any other place. Online sellers and even big name stores typically offer items for sale at a discount.

Make a list of items you’ll need to purchase can help you avoid buying everything you can think of that your kids will like (we’ve been there! ).

Don’t forget to make use of you Nectar card to earn Nectar points while you’re doing your doing your shopping for Sainsbury’s sale toys! The points can be used to purchase the Nectar double-up event later during the year.