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Facial Recognition Security Cameras Deliver More Accurate Recognition Performance

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How Do Facial Recognition Security Cameras Detect Faces?

With security cameras that recognize facial expressions can help you ensure the security of your home or business quickly and easily, while also avoiding false alarms.

How can facial recognition IP cameras detect human faces and even pets faces?

Here’s the exact procedure:

#1. Make Your Own Database of Familiar Faces

For your security cameras that recognize faces “learn” your faces of your friends, first of all, you’ll need to create an account of your most familiar faces. The most effective methods are to ask your family members as well as your acquaintances to stand front of the cameras and using their photos in front of the cameras.

Generally speaking, average facial recognition security cameras can be able to remember between the faces of 16-32, enough for home and small-business usage.

#2. A facial recognition security camera can detect and match Faces

Facial recognition cameras employ numerous methods and technologies to recognize faces, such as 3D modeling, comparing faces within video or pictures, or analysing the whole face or just a portion of them, and more.

When they have gathered the faces within their monitoring range security cameras equipped with facial recognition technology will analyze those faces with that in the database via advanced software.

#3. Instant Alerts Will Be Posted After Unknown Faces are Identified

When facial recognition security cameras match faces with your database successfully, they will know there are familiar faces but will not notify you.

If, on the other hand, there are any unknown faces that are not recognized, facial recognition home security cameras will send you instant notifications or even call the police immediately.

Alongside face recognition security cameras equipped with facial recognition have other unique benefits that make them stand out against their rivals. We have listed a few of them:

Benefit 1. Facial Recognition Security Cameras Deliver More Accurate Recognition Performance

With strong algorithms supported by facial recognition security cameras can significantly decrease false alarms, such as those triggered by changing light trees, or even wind.

This has also been approved by an article from MIT research, which studied the facial recognition system of 2018 developed in collaboration with Microsoft, IBM and the China-based Face++ and indicated the accuracy of their systems in determining genders is 90% for skin with light colors males and 70% for females with darker skin.

It is also anticipated that security cameras equipped with facial recognition will make it possible to recognize faces that are angled and faces with glasses or masks, or even older faces, which is almost impossible with conventional security cameras.

Benefit 2. Facial Recognition CCTV Cameras Also Find Animals, Pets and Other Objects

A few leading security camera brands continue to push the limits of what facial recognition IP cameras can accomplish by recognizing human faces to recognizing pets and everyday objects that you encounter in your day.

This technology has come to life thanks to the advanced facial recognition systems with AI technology and machine-learning algorithms created by tech companies such as Google and Intel.

Furthermore, cameras equipped with AI that have facial recognition also prove themselves during the annual image recognition competition: they have a better chance than humans at identifying the different corgi breeds.

Benefit 3. Security Cameras with Facial Recognition Increase Security Level

As previously mentioned Face recognition IP cameras give accurate results when the camera is able to identify people as well as animals and objects.

These CCTV cameras that are installed in your home or business can serve as powerful “guards” they will send you instant alerts when they have captured unidentified or guests who are not welcome in your home or in stores.

In addition to home and business usage, facial recognition IP cameras also find their way into various other places like train stations, airports and other areas that see a lot of pedestrian traffic. By using these cameras for security, police officers can spot criminals and terrorists once they are under the surveillance cameras.

Benefit 4. Facial Recognition IP Cameras Deliver Numerous Advanced Features

Alongside facial recognition, cutting-edge CCTV cameras with facial recognition can automatically record and track unknown drivers and vehicles with a different license plates that are parked around your home.

Additionally, certain facial recognition security cameras also feature a heat map recording mode and analyses as well which can provide more extensive security for your home or business.

Security Cameras that have Facial Recognition that are actually used The Risks You Face

Be amazed by the power of facial recognition security cameras and want to give it you give it a go?

Before you plunge your toes into the water, you may take a closer look at the issues you could encounter when you use security cameras with facial recognition first.

Concern 1. The Facial Recognition CCTV Camera Price Is Relatively expensive

Much like the cost of cell phones back in the 1970s cost of security cameras that recognize faces is quite expensive now and ranges from $150 to 300 dollars for a single camera. They are also more expensive than typical security cameras with face detection.

In addition, certain facial recognition for security cameras or facial recognition software for security cameras may cost additional subscription fees starting from $10 per month. This is an expensive expense in the long run.

Concern 2. Facial Reception Security Cameras May intrude into privacy

There are a few people who are conservative about the wide-spread use of security cameras with facial recognition systems because of privacy issues.

These concerns don’t come out of the blue – People may feel always being watched in public spaces, and their personal data could be stolen regardless of their awareness.

Concerned about privacy and social challenges posed through the use of facial recognition IP cameras, some institutions have announced strict guidelines to safeguard the rights of citizens.

For example, in Europe it is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) declares that citizens have their privacy rights, and any invasion of privacy shall face harsh penalties.

Concern 3. Facial Recognition IP Cameras Deliver Undesirable Results

Though increasing numbers of security camera manufacturers race to develop and sell facial recognition security camera, the performance of these CCTV cameras for sale now isn’t completely exact and is largely dependent on the angle of the camera, lighting and changing outfits.

According to expert media reviews and feedback from customers, some of the unqualified security cameras that use facial recognition might take a long time to understand faces or recognize faces at all.

There are also sellers who purposely market their products as security cameras that recognize faces to deceive the customers. In reality the security cameras don’t include any technology that can recognize faces of humans.