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Fix the “VCRUNTIME140.dll Is Missing” Error on Windows 10

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Windows users often find it frustrating to try to open applications only to discover that the DLL is missing.
Vcruntime140.dll is one of the most commonly corrupted or missing dlls.

You can find solutions to problems you are having with vcruntime140 by following the steps below.

The DLL file vcruntime140.dll stores the codes for certain applications.

They are usually found in the System32 or SysWOW64 folders, depending on the Windows OS that you’re using.

This DLL file can be used to run third-party apps like Skype and games.

It also supports other applications, such as Photoshop. This can cause problems if you use the program.

Most people don’t realize that this file can become corrupted or missing.

One day, you’ll find out that your Photoshop or Skype won’t work because it says “vcruntime140.dll is not found”.

Your computer might tell you that vcruntime140.dll is not found. This could be because it deleted it accidentally, was infected with a virus, or got corrupted.

It’s not difficult to fix the problem. These simple steps can fix vcruntime140.dll problems.
Rapid Fix If You Miss It

This video shows you how to fix Vcruntime140.dll when you get a missing error.

The error “VCRUNTIME140.dll Is Missing” can happen on Microsoft Windows computers. The issue usually occurs after installing Windows updates or after trying to install a program.
5 Fixes For VCRUNTIME140 Errors
1st Fix (Systemfile Scan)

Win10FAQs states that the first thing users should do when confronted with this problem is to run a system scan in order to fix each affected file.

This is why you should immediately correct any DLL missing errors. These are the steps:

Type CMD by pressing the Windows key. Right-click the icon.
Next, click Run as Administrator and then select Yes.
Once the Command Prompt window opens, type sfc/scannow into the box and hit Enter.
Allow the command to scan your files. After scanning is complete, exit the Command Prompt.
Restart your computer.
Verify that the application is still functional.

Most people will say that this is a good solution. It will work if it does. There are many ways to fix it if it doesn’t.
Video Guide: How to Run a System File Check
2nd Fix (Repair & Reinstall)

If none of the above methods work, it is likely that your Visual C++ Redistributable to Visual Studio 2015 is the problem.

Ugetfix offers two options to fix it: repair it or reinstall. Follow these steps to repair it:

Select Programs and Features from the Control Panel.
In the list, look for Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Redistributable.
Click on Change.
Click Repair, and then wait for the program’s repair to complete.
After the repair is complete, reboot your computer.
You can verify that the application works by rebooting your computer.

You can always reinstall the program if this doesn’t work. This is the third solution.
Third Fix (Reinstalling a Package).

Most cases don’t require you to seek the third solution. The problem can be resolved with the first two fixes.

If the first two failed, you can try this one. You will need to download the Microsoft Visual C++ Retributable from Microsoft. Here’s how:

Click here to download the file
Select the one that is compatible with your Windows OS (64 bit or 32 bit).
Save the file to your computer.
Wait for the file installation to complete, then restart your computer.
To check if the application is working, go to this link.

Fourth Fix (Download and replace a DLL file)

Another option is to download vcruntime140.dll and manually replace the DLL file.

It is best to avoid this as it can lead to more errors than just the application. This should be used as an option last resort, if all other methods fail. Win10FAQs demonstrates how to do it.

Click the link to select the DLL file that you require.
The file you have downloaded will be in format. Extract the contents.
Copy the file to C:WindowsSystem32, or C:WindowsSysWOW64.
Verify that your application is currently working.

This is the best option, as it will solve the problem. You must be careful not to modify any files in the System folder. As mentioned, messing with other files can cause further errors and sometimes even corrupt software.
5th Fix (Doing an antivirus scan)

We don’t recommend that you have a virus on your computer in order to be completely safe.

If the problem continues, it is possible that the file vcruntime140.dll may be virus. It will not function properly if that is the case.

Another scenario is when malware is installed on your computer and continues to infect your vcruntime140.dll files.

Ugetfix recommends scanning your computer to ensure that there are no such things. Here are some things you can do.

Start your antivirus and run a complete scan.
Delete viruses immediately if they are found.
Regularly scan your computer.
You can also download antimalware software to check for malware.
If malware is found, clean your computer.