Isolated power panels for healthcare facilities

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Requirements like NFPA ninety nine and also CSA Z32 require isolated power systems in most places deemed “wet procedure locations” in healthcare facilities. Isolated energy systems present an excellent benefit – early detection of ground faults allows for systems that are critical to stay online in one fault condition.

Our isolated power panels present isolated power to power systems in operating rooms along with other essential care areas. By using the newest in technology, The equipment of ours helps to ensure that electric ground faults are recognized and situated automatically and fast, in conformity with the most recent code and requirements requirements.

We offer advanced electric security technology on the healthcare industry, including:

Modular system enables simple future system upgrading.
Adjustable electronic trip choices readily available for achieving 01.s system coordination
Front trim features totally concealed hinge when closed, enabling regular maintenance and simple cleaning.
The newest in line isolation monitoring technology, supplying advanced warning of faults to help you decrease downtime and enhance operational efficiencies
Supplemental alarms like transformer load, heat, plus voltage to mitigate risk of electric fire and shock
Fault Location System – Locate ground faults automatically and quickly for specific branch circuits while the device is still energized (No opening breakers required)
Branch Load Monitoring – monitor the load current of each branch circuit; individually adaptable alarm levels offered Communications Gateway – provides incorporated web service for looking at status & transforming configurations.
Provisions for hospital grade receptacles or ground jacks on front of panel
On-site support and services Equipment created in strict compliance with many different electric codes and standards, including NFPA ninety nine, UL 1047, CSA Z32, NFPA 70, and ISO9001:2015 quality management process.
Designed and created in the USA
Industry-leading, conventional 5-year warranty on all panels