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Top Benefits Of An IT Staffing Agency

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Record-breaking unemployment rates today and a strong, expanding economy have created a candidate-driven market in which all industries compete for qualified candidates.
A tight job market can lead to more job vacancies, longer times-to-hire periods, increased turnover, which puts enormous pressure on hiring managers and HR professionals to increase their recruitment efforts.

Information technology jobs are more difficult than ever. Hiring the right person to fill an open position is more difficult because of high demand and a lack of qualified candidates.

A staffing agency that specializes IT placements offers an organization specific benefits, including the following four.

Top Benefits of an IT Staffing Agency

1. Qualified Candidates

IT staffing agencies have access to a pool that normal job postings cannot reach. This includes passive job-seekers, peer recommendations, candidates from outside of the normal geographic area, as well as many other candidates.

A staffing agency for IT can also pre-screen candidates by conducting technical assessments. This verifies skills and competencies for the hiring company. This saves time, money and administrative effort.

2. Reduction in Time to Hire

Organizations can be costly when there are vacant positions. They can negatively impact sales, revenue and customer service initiatives. Employees scrambling for work to meet deadlines can also affect productivity and morale.

No matter what industry, the average time it takes to hire for a vacant job is around 30 days. Information technology however, the average time to hire for a vacant position is close to doubled, at 56 days.

Partnerships with technical staffing agencies can dramatically reduce the time required to fill an open job. Staffing agencies not only have a large database of candidates that are available immediately, but they also work closely with companies to learn about their culture and job requirements. This ensures that only the most qualified candidates are considered for the position.

3. Do a trial before you buy

Many staffing agencies offer temporary employment, or contract to hire employment. This arrangement allows qualified candidates to be hired by a company for a short-term trial period. After that, a permanent offer may be extended.

This ensures that permanent hires are only made to people who are a good fit for the department and organization, and have the right skills, competencies, temperament, and temperament to succeed at the job.

4. Flexibility and agility

An IT staffing agency can access candidates who have the necessary technical skills and expertise, but are also available for freelance work or contract work. A qualified candidate can be negotiated with an agency to provide a short-term contract or project-based access for a company. This allows them to have access to an expert for a specific project.

This allows companies to be flexible and respond quickly to changing business needs without having to hire a full-time, permanent employee. This reduces the burden on existing employees who might have difficulties taking on additional projects.

No matter what industry they are in, modern businesses rely upon technology to manage core operations and to help them innovate. These businesses need skilled technology workers to stay competitive and reach their strategic goals.

Employers can use tech recruitment agencies or IT temp agencies to help them find qualified candidates in a candidate-driven market. A company that is skilled in placing technical candidates in the right environment and finding them qualified can save time and money. This can allow an organization to focus their resources on strategic goals.