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Transfer Video8 to Digital and DVD

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How can I save my Video8 footage
Converting Video8 tapes to digital or DVD is an option that will preserve and preserve any old memories that may be buried on your tapes. Converting your Video8s digitally will allow you to free up tons of space in your home and feel secure in the knowledge your most treasured memories will be preserved for many more years. Video8 to DVD and digital conversion allows you to view your Video8 tapes from your computer, smartphone or laptop. The quality of your footage won’t be lost and you can bring those precious memories with you wherever your go.
This is the best way to convert Video8 from digital to DVD

Converting Video8 to Digital or DVD can be tedious. Not everyone wants to waste their time fiddling with complicated and expensive equipment. All the hassle of converting Video8 tapes into digital and DVD will be removed. It won’t take too much time and it won’t damage your tapes or endanger precious memories.

Clean the tapes

You must deep clean Video8 tapes with a wet/dry two-pass method before you convert them to digital. Although ‘Cleaning Tapes’ are a common method of tape restoration for Video8, they are not reliable and can sometimes cause even more damage.


Video8 footage should be converted to digital or DVD using a VCR capable of broadcast quality. AverMedia CE310B digital capture cards are inexpensive and easily found online. However, it is not uncommon to get what you pay for if you buy old hardware and the latest software. These hardware aren’t perfect and are subject to mechanical errors. When converting Video8 tapes, customers frequently recall issues like dropped frames, less vivid coloration and ‘overscan’ (unsynchronised lines at bottom of frame) among others.

To correct sync issues, we only use broadcast-quality Video8 conversion machinery that has been equipped with Time Base correction (TBC). A time base corrector is used to correct syncing issues in Video8s by inserting video into a buffer. The buffer then corrects the image before the video is output again.

Editing and Post-Processing

Once the digital file has been digitized, it can be edited to bring the digitized Video8 tape up to modern standards. Our experts apply colour correction and adjust contrast and saturation as needed. When compared with modern recording equipment, Video8 audio may appear very poor quality. Our bespoke digital noise reduction technology (DNR) and enhancement and loudness improvements are used to enhance audio levels. This allows you to get your footage closer to modern standards.

Do not wait! Do not wait!

These steps will convert your Video8 tape to digital and DVD. Your footage will now be given a new lease of existence. Now, it’s time for you to relive those memories.