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Why Choose Game Art Outsourcing?

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The development of a successful video game may take a long time, and requires more than game concept development including scripting, programming creation of characters animation, level development and testing. By outsourcing, game designers can speed up the process needed to develop games and cutting costs as well. Although a variety of work is currently outsourced by game designers outsourcing games is one of the most popular types because the majority of companies would prefer this.

The results of the survey show that “to create a complete study of the market of professional game developers were surveyed anonymously regarding their studio’s utilization of outsourcing services, budgets for outsourcing and strategies, as well as regional influences and more. Outsourcing is evidently growing in the overall allocation of budgets and. The highest portion of budgets for outsourcing increased almost twofold in the last two years, with the percentage of businesses planning to invest at least $2 million on outsourcing of game artwork increasing to almost 20%..”

The benefits from Game Art Outsourcing

* Time-saving: If you hire in-house artists it is necessary to complete the entire selection process, including interviewing, and instructing the candidates. It’s time-consuming for you and your employee. When you outsource games technology, you save time since you don’t need undergo the whole hiring process. The company provides highly competent professionals, and you don’t have to pay the entire salary to indoor experts as you wait for the next opportunity and hiring a corporate expert to work on an interim project could cost a lot due to the costs of training, adaption and wage. When outsourcing the project, this issue is not a problem since they have already selected a firm that meets their needs.

* Cost-effective: If you outsource the game design service, there’s no requirement to keep an employee in-house and you won’t need to pay for salaries for employees in-house. If we look at the market study for outsourcing of game art it shows that Western firms from Canada, the USA, Canada prefer to employ experts in India and China since it’s more affordable for them. The pay differential between employees who are in-house or outsourced differs depending on the nation of concern, as well as contract terms and the required skills. Game art outsourcing is a growing trend in India and also gives you the chance to work with the top artists worldwide.

* Flexibility: The game development companies face a lot of requirements for developers, particularly creators of content, and outsourcing allows you to temporarily add more resources at times when they’re required and then releasing them when they’re not needed and without hassle. This means that routine or repetitive tasks can be easily shifted externally so that the internal team doesn’t just work on exciting tasks, but also work on projects that are more crucial in the context of the game.

* Overhead: Another major benefit of outsourcing game art is that there is no overhead. There is no extra cost for office space, computer as well as licensed software. Because outsourcing companies provide the user with a team of experts and the responsibility for managing the pool of labor falls with the provider. This means that you are free of administrative burdens and unnecessary expenditure.

Therefore, it shows that using external resources can allow your project to alter its direction completely. The games are more costly in shops with no outsourcing or the games must be reduced in length. Similar to how many companies outsource game development to ease the load on their organizations and to save time and money.