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A Simple Bucharest Travel Guide

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Why go to Bucharest? As Romania’s capital is going to surprise you because of its several personalities: a Balkan vibe with Oriental influences, French inspired architecture transformed and’ re-educated’ by forty years of communism, now a thriving Western inspired city with an energetic feeling. Read the guidebook created by locals to pick up a concept on how to proceed in Bucharest, places to find out, attractions and also sightseeing the city!

Although it might sound rough around the tips, Bucharest is able to provide something to other kinds of travellers: besides the standard tourist things to do as well as places to go to like the Palace of Old Town area and parliament, see the article to learn about fascinating, lesser known or maybe perhaps secret places to go to in Bucharest! You are able to reserve the typical city tours and day excursions with us, though we likewise have some really interesting ideas and experiences on what to find out that can help make the visit of yours memorable!

Bucharest has not been flooded with the traveler figures of several of its neighbouring capital cities which enhances the appeal. Costs are not too much and many issues (restaurants, tours, shops, etc) haven’t been’ touristified’. Regardless of this, several travelers planning to go to Romania decide to forget about visiting Bucharest after reading worrisome articles as well as reviews online believing there’s absolutely nothing to see – though you understand in addition to I let that happen beauty (whatever that means) is in the eyes of the beholder (whoever that might be) 🙂

The Romanian capital boasts a cool and modern moving away scene with trendy bars and cafes, excellent restaurants and also fine dining places (for excellent prices!), urban gardens & skybars also – above all – friendly, welcoming folks. That is exactly why locals will help you visit Bucharest:

  1. Things to do in Bucharest: sightseeing, culture, history, nightlife and parks

With an estimated population of approx. three million inhabitants – from which nearly a quarter consists of young adults and pupils – this vibrant and bustling metropolis will pleasantly surprise even most experienced of travellers.

Introduction to Major sights and bucharest history

Like every additional capital of the planet, you will find several essential and basic things you have to learn about the city of Bucharest as well as the role it played in Romanian tradition and historical past. All of the far more so as the three historic provinces that constitute Romania (Transylvania, Wallachia and also Moldova) each had the own capital of theirs and political life until 1918. Only some Romanians are pleased about Bucharest being the capital of theirs or even view it as symbolic for Romanian national culture and identity – and this’s exactly why creating just a little context helps.

Belle Époque Architecture

During the early 1900s Bucharest earned the nickname of its of Little Paris because of French inspired Belle Époque townhouses, monuments and buildings. The community actually comes with an Arch of Triumph similar but smaller compared to the French version. If you believe Bucharest does not have good places to go to you could not be much more wrong – you will find whole neighborhoods and avenues just where you will see a distinctive combination of architectural styles made a lot more charming with the passage of time (or abandoned buildings). Bucharest is really extremely popular because of its rich combination of historical (neo classical), interbellum (Bauhaus and art deco), contemporary design mix and communist. A lot of the city’s most exclusive Cazare in regim hotelier Bucuresti, companies or maybe restaurants occupy several amazing buildings well worth looking at, especially on Calea Victoriei, Soseaua Kisselef or maybe Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Or even go to a neighborhoods noted for the architectural beauty of its and tranquil life, like Cotroceni.

Discover Bucharest’s communist past

From 1947 1989 Romania was a communist country the same as everybody else in Eastern Europe (not with the USSR, mind you!) as well as the last twenty five years have been under Nicolae Ceausescu’s rule. Driven by megalomania, the character cult of his plus nationalistic ambitions, Ceausescu brutally changed Romanian Bucharest and society is considered the most symbolic play around for the communist vision of his. A whole area was razed making room for the gigantic Palace of Parliament and Unirii Blvd. Churches have been moved or demolished and massive residential areas were developed for workers. The stories behind Bucharest’s communist years are unfortunate, but worth and fascinating experiencing – read much more about Romania’s communist attractions.

Bucharest entertaining things to do: urban art and street shows

Bucharest tourist attractions are abundant, what is more often, the city has a shiny, contemporary, artistic & friendly community life. You will find scores of events going on: different exhibitions, sports tournaments, street art fairs, outside food or people events occurring all over the season, typically before the Romanian Atheneum or even in Piata Universitatii. Additionally, there are some unique and cool pretty things such as a 3D video mapping competitors utilizing the significant Palace of Parliament as background. Look at the calendar of ours of google or events!

Relax in Bucharest’s many parks

When you are getting fed up with a great deal of exploring there are a few delightful environmentally friendly parks and gardens in Bucharest, hidden away from the stress of city life. Head over to Cismigiu Garden, Izvor Park, Carol I Park, Ion Voicu Park or maybe Gradina Icoanei when in the city centre. King Michael I or perhaps Tineretului Park are great green areas with fairly major lakes, simply ideal for a jog, bike ride or even leasing a boat and also rowing. The big parks make visiting Bucharest a great deal much more relaxing, that is for certain!

The most recent addition to this particular list is Delta Vacaresti – in the South Eastern part of the community a significant area was cleared by the communist regime for a significant project, that was eventually abandoned. With time, Mother Nature reconquered the place and also turned it right into a fantastic organic biosphere: a park with wetlands in which most animals and plants now live! In 2016 Vacaresti Natural Park was given protected state by law.

Experience Bucharest nightlife – of all the very best in Europe

The nightlife in Bucharest is not short of extraordinary – it is able to possibly be classified as one of the greatest items to do in Bucharest! As a person who has travelled extensively and also visited numerous European party hotspots, Bucharest very easily ranks among the most effective. Starting from 8pm until 6am early in the day – when Romanians go away, they fail in fashion. You definitely will not be seeing individuals drinking (or perhaps passed out) in the road, beer that is cheap everywhere or even lousy outdated music. Get ready for an adventure!

Tip: the majority of younger people speak excellent English, are helpful and friendly, particularly in the city hotspots, which means you will not get lost in translation

Tours and day trips from Bucharest

There are numerous trips from Bucharest to famous tourist attractions in Romania like Peles and Bran Castle, Brasov or perhaps Transfagarasan Highway. Multi-day trips to Constanta as well as the Black Sea or maybe the Danube Delta are additionally a sensible choice. And go camping in the Carpathian Mountains! When you would like in order to explore traditional, authentic Romanian life or even to go to Transylvania you will need no less than three times (just going from Bucharest to Brasov and also visiting Bran Castle doesn’t count!) Ask us for assistance with planning the trip of yours!