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Great Tips for Renting a Car in Corfu

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It is an island in Corfu is stunning to explore and renting a car on Corfu is among the best ways to experience the most of it. We strongly recommend Corfu car rental for the freedom to explore on your own and explore everything Corfu Island offers.

With its stunning attractions, beautiful beaches, dramatic coastline , and James Bond’s or Durrells filming locations, there’s plenty to do and see on the island.

The island’s driving is secure and simple and we strongly recommend hiring cars in Corfu. Here are our suggestions to rent a car in Corfu to assist you in your way!

Overall driving around Corfu is extremely safe. We experienced safe, though congested roads as well as an overall high standard of driving.

Why do you need to rent a car in Corfu?

Corfu is full of fascinating sights, and there are plenty of things to do around the island.

Renting a car on Corfu is among the most efficient ways to discover. While Corfiot buses can be a great alternative, renting a car provides easy access to distant sights: You are able to visit all of James Bond’s and durrell filming sites in Corfu and also go to some of the UNESCO world heritage sites within Old Corfu Town and have enjoyable visiting the islands of Corfu.

You’ll love having a car rental that you can explore. It allows you to move at your own speed as well as explore undiscovered places and generally enjoy every minute you are in Corfu.

1. Renting a car is a great way to save money.

The cost of renting a car in Corfu is relatively inexpensive. We suggest using our car reservation system to reserve your vehicle. We offer the most extensive price and selection you can find.

Renting cars is a great option in Corfu suggestion: most significant advantage of renting a vehicle in Corfu is that you are able to explore places that are off the beaten path and stay in hotels far of the vast crowds. This can also help you save money since hotels in cities are more expensive since travelers can’t get far away from them without having a car.

2. The choice of a rental car

In Corfu The smaller vehicle, the more compact. There are numerous narrow roads and tight spots to maneuver through and you’ll be able to do it for those with smaller cars!

3. Renting Eligibility

The majority of rental firms will require that drivers be 21 years old and have had their license for at least one year. Certain companies charge a surcharge for renters who are younger than 25.

4. Speed Limits

In Corfu The general speed limit is 50km/h for urban areas, and 60 to 80km/h for open roads. The speed limit is indicated by road signs on the road.

Renting an automobile in Corfu tips: these speed limits were in effect when we published this article. Always double check the speed limits before you journey.

5. Roads that are safe

The main roads are usually in good shape. A few roads are potholed and may be rough to drive.

There were numerous signs pointing towards major turnings and villages.

6. Car Parking

Parking spaces can be difficult to locate in the crowded areas of Corfu particularly during the peak tourist season. Do not park in areas that have roads marked with yellow.

Make sure you check the parking signs to confirm that it’s safe to park. There are plenty of parking spots within Corfu Town.

7. Traffic

It is more likely to encounter traffic jams in Corfu Town where traffic can be extremely heavy. This is particularly the case on weekdays during high traffic times in the city, as well as in other towns. There can be a lot of traffic at beaches and villages on weekends.

8. Fuel

There are many modern fuel stations, and the majority will accept debit and credit cards. At times of day the majority of stations have pump attendants who can refill your car.

9. Navigation

Google Maps work perfectly well and will guide you with ease throughout your stay in Corfu.