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Mistakes On The UK Passport Application Form – What To Do

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Every year a huge number of UK passport programs are rejected or even delayed because of errors, mistakes and also giving unsuitable documents. One little UK passport application form blunder is able to postpone the procedure by up to seven weeks.

The renewal of UK passport from overseas should take just a few days with a very first Adult passport application estimated at six weeks. These times could place into context just how pricey even the smallest error is able to prove out to be, particularly for all those looking to get a passport rapidly to be able to go.

By nature The united kingdom passport application forms could be time intensive, a bit perplexing and need thorough understanding and reading to be able to complete correctly.

To be able to help you throughout the process smoothly we’ve highlighted the most popular small mistakes that repeatedly cause significant delays for all those completing the passport application of theirs.

Although several of these points may look easy and rather obvious, from the knowledge of ours it’s the greater rudimental mistakes that time and time again lead to rejections and delays.

Signatures INSIDE the box – If any component of the signature is outdoors or perhaps actually touching the line of the package then the application program is going to be rejected.
BLACK ink – Applications in every other colored pen is going to be returned for you. Counter signatures should also have black ink.
For all those that are English, Scottish, Welsh or maybe Northern Irish you have to place BRITISH as the nationality of yours.
If an oversight is made, correction fluid mustn’t be used. The blunder has to be blocked out with black ink. A maximum of three character mistakes could be made on one form. If a 4th mistake is created you are going to need to begin a brand new form.
Grandparent details need to be provided whether the parents of yours have been born on or perhaps after 1st January 1983. This should consist of full names, date of birth, country and town of appropriate marriage dates and birth.
Passport numbers for prior passports held by the candidate are asked for, this is talking about just UK passport numbers.
Substitutes and photocopies of virtually any documents won’t be accepted. ORIGINAL supporting documents just.
All photos must meet up with the regulations set out to the application form and should have been taken within the final month before the application.

Although the above mentioned guidelines, if used properly, should make sure your passport application to achieve success, it’s just natural that human error will occasionally result in delayed or even rejected applications. One sure way to guarantee a booming passport program is entrusting the procedure to

As a specialised passport agency, they’re authorised to submit applications on their clients’ behalf at Her Majesty’s Passport office without the importance to reserve some visits.

In order to stay away from rejection or delays, the application of yours is reviewed by a knowledgeable and experienced team and when all criteria’s are already checked and cleared, your application is delivered for completion. To trust the application of yours to a respected and dedicated staff is able to eliminate all of the uncertainties and worry that inevitably includes virtually any passport application.