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Riva 110 Dolcevita review

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The Riva 110 Dolcevita is an absolute masterpiece of elegant elegance, which is what you would expect from a brand with such power.

The market worldwide for motor yachts this size is crowded with competition, but also tiny. The production run for the latest model could be limited to a few dozen units in its three- or four-year lifespan, usually significantly less, whereas the costs of development are estimated in the millions. Certain facts are believed to be a given. Do not overlook them at your own peril. This is a shipyard that is willing to take a risk.

The design team behind the Riva 110 Dolcevita’s new Riva 110 Dolcevita can perhaps be excused if they bear an eminent resemblance number of other shipyards’ efforts to attract the same group of clients. It’s clear from the first glance of what you’ll get an all-beam Master suite in the upper deck. Four huge guest suites below the waterline on that sleek vessel, and a stunning saloon that has huge windows to give you stunning panoramas of the sea.

What this analysis fails to recognize however, is the strength of Riva. Riva brand. It’s double-edged. The consequences are felt within the shipyard and outside. There are some customers who will happily ignore their abilities to judge rationally and purchase a boat just because it’s got the Riva badge on its side.

In the midst of the era of drought in the 1980s and the management’s dependence on this shrinking group of loyalists that their lack of confidence nearly brought down the shipyard. Fortunately, it was saved initially through Stephen Julius and then by Norberto Ferretti. It was in such a way that the joyful group, according to reports isn’t dwindling anymore.

Chic and elegant

Within the company within the company, the Riva name is a source of tensions that are not felt by other shipyards. Naturally, every successful manufacturer has its own set of production standards However, at Riva the craftsmen and designers strive to meet requirements set to meet the requirements of their own mythology.

While it’s not real-time feasible they are able to build their vessels to a more quality than the other shipyards in production, they must look as they are. This is the expectation of romantics who are enthralled by images of Brigitte Bardot and the wood Riva speedboat.

Walking around the brand fresh Riva motor yacht can be a pleasurable and tactile experience similar to that you would find in customized superyacht yards. The focus on the quality of finishes and surfaces whether it’s the stainless marble and steel in the bathrooms, or the lacquer and leather in the living areas highlights the importance of making the right impression. It’s costly, and it must appear expensive But without putting too much effort into it.

Sublime excellence

The design style in the 110 Dolcevita is classic modernist and is evident not just in the gorgeous saloon, but also in the white, pared-back panelling in the lower deck corridor, and without unattractive details like hinges or handles.

The doors to the wardrobes of cabins could be a challenge for the most devoted design buff looking at them in a blank stare, giving no clue at all to the method to open them. (Push on the side of your vertical cabinet, then insert fingers in the rebate as well as pull.)

With a hull of nearly 24ft (7.27m) wide and a absence of height within its profile The 110 Dolcevita is able to boast well-proportioned living spaces, with headroom of 6 feet 7 inches (2.01m) plus all over, and large sleeping areas in all cabins.

The double bed in the forward guest room on the port side is able to be split into two berths, each 31 inches (79cm) wide . with the drop-down Pullman placed, it could make an ideal kids’ cabin.

The most notable features of the interior of the 110 Dolcevita are the huge, full-beam, VIP suite in the lower level which is created by combining the two midships’ ensuites. There’s also two balconies that fold located on the deck between the table. These will make a fantastic place to eat dinner in an evening that is warm and quiet.

While ignoring these options but, with the dependable quality of the interior and impeccable finishing, it’s difficult at this point to determine precisely features that 110 Dolcevita provides that others do not. The quality is evident everywhere, however, those distinctive little details that are expected of Riva Riva appear to be more difficult to find.

The garage that is even flood-proof is an amazing technique that lets the beach club’s platform continue its descent into salty water until the ocean is able to lift the Williams 505 is an Ferretti Engineering innovation, which is also seen on other vessels belonging to the Group.

The steel frame that is inside the superstructure on the contrary, is unusual. It’s completely hidden. is clear the slender mullions and support structures between the saloon windows, that create a stunning effect from this huge area of glass would not be sturdy enough for the support of the flybridge, if they were made from glassfibre.

On the flybridge itself and the playful dissimilar glass panels of the hardtop may not be considered risky enough to be called courageous, but they are definitely unique and, to show the kind of style Riva buyers want as well as practical and beautiful.

You’ll not find anything similar to these in any other production vessel. Their striking symmetry offers an indication of the primary characteristic in the 110 Dolcevita it’s design that gives the boat its uniqueness, and also makes it an Riva.

It is necessary to sit on the bow to be able to appreciate it. Take a look aft, along the side to the port side and the walkway will descend through the traditional exterior companionway, leading to the main deck. From there, you can access the saloon through the side door or walk towards the rear of the cockpit.

Take a look down the port side there is a walkway that leads you along a gentle slope towards the flybridge. It has an access point to the helm station as well as the dining table, and to the sunbathing space.


It’s not just the top panels on the hardtop that appear irregularly symmetrical. The entire yacht is designed in such a measured subtle way that you don’t even notice. It’s Riva.

Another feature that’s highly Riva in the 110 Dolcevita’s power. It’s true that a Riva must perform well because speed is part of the promise of the brand as well as a pair 2000 series MTU V16s with a stunningly engineered machinery area will give you the impressive number of 5,276hp.

Our test vessel, equipped with about seven-and-a-half tons of water and fuel as well as the large tender inside the garage, was able to achieve an average in the range of 26.8 knots.

A large boat will always feel heavy If its ratio of power-to-weight is extremely favorable which isn’t an engineering option for motor yachts this large. However, the 110 Dolcevita was a fast and lively speed that went from the point of tiling up to 20 knots within only 15 minutes, and up to 26 knots in 15 minutes more.

In reality, it was an engaging driving experience, with precise but smooth handling and firmness in the driving that promises to bring the comfort of travel. It was quiet and with a an average speed of 23 knots, the safe range is around 400 miles. This is quite impressive for such an enormous vessel, but is exactly what we’d are used to from Riva.

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