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Where to stay in Scotland?

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Scotland is a well-known tourist destination for a variety of reasons. The stunning landscapes, historical cities, and a variety of activities give it something to offer all year round. If you’re a parent There are affordable holidays within Scotland for families that can still leave you with lifelong memories. Check out our guide to the best accommodations and things to do, at a cost that won’t spoil the enjoyment of your holiday.

Discover The Very Best Cheap Scottish Family getaways

If you’re going on holiday with your entire family, you’ll want to make sure that everyone has enough to keep them occupied. Scotland has a variety of cheap attractions and activities that will please both children and parents so that everyone within the family can enjoy an enjoyable day and stories to tell at the end. As the tourist industry is very well established in the country, cheap accommodation for families will not be a problem, whatever the season.

Scotland is also home to a transport system that is the envy of other countries, even with the UK. It has excellent roads with public transport as well as international connections via airports and ferry services. Because it has many beaches and numerous ports, getting to and from the country can be an important aspect of your budget-friendly family holiday. If you do decide to travel, transportation in Scotland is a great value in terms of cost.

Breaks that are based on activity

1. Looking for Harry

…Potter, that is. The whole family is fond of Harry Potter, and you can all retrace some of his adventures through Scotland. A lot of the locations mentioned in the Harry Potter films are actually in Scotland and you can even travel on the Hogwarts Express on your travels.

The older streets and alleyways of Edinburgh are the place where JK Rowling was inspired by, so why not take your entire family to breakfast at The Elephant House in Edinburgh or Spoon cafes, just like JK herself. The cobbled streets and alleyways are a great way to soak in the atmosphere.


From the start of the holiday season in April, you will be able to reserve up to four tickets on the Jacobite Steam Train. The actual Hogwarts Express, this locomotive appears in all eight of the Potter films. Join the train at Fort William, see all the wonderful sights you’ll recognize and finally arrive in stunning Mallaig.

2. Cream O’Galloway Family Fun

Cream O’Galloway is the perfect opportunity to work up an appetite, and then satiate it at the same time, all within one day. It’s a special family-friendly center in the South West of Scotland, 10 minutes drive just from Gatehouse of Fleet.

The massive site features an adventure playground and indoor play areas. It also has a the pedal kart track, ride and slide, in addition to nature trails. For the adventurous families, you can also try the incredible Go Boing! aerial adventure center. This is a netted area which allows you to play without fear of falling off a height.

The amazing attraction also makes their own Cream O’Galloway Ice Cream, along with Finlay’s Farmhouse Cheese. The kids and you can meet the cows who produce the milk that makes the ice cream and the cheese!

3. Explore the East

Fife, Dundee and Angus are some of the best places to go for holidays to Scotland for families with a budget. In the Eastern coastal region of Scotland They have stunning cities, beaches, wildlife and much more to see and do.

If you want pure, old-fashioned cheap beach fun visit Elie Earlsferry Beach. This is a gorgeous harbour that is built around an old-fashioned Scottish fishermen’s port. The well-known ship Inn, a popular local Ship Inn even puts on beach cricket, for all children on Sunday.

Further along the coast in the beautiful Angus city of Montrose there is the Charleton Fruit Farm. In the summer months, the year, a cheaper vacation activity involves you your family can harvest your own fruits from this farm that is working. You can also have the opportunity to try trampolining, pedal carting, and exploring the forts of the centre.

Cheap Places To Stay

There’s a wide selection of camping sites, cabins camping sites, caravan parks, cottages, hotels and holiday parks that are available throughout the season in Scotland. If you reserve ahead, you will get some amazing deals in the most beautiful locations for a holiday anywhere in the world.

4. Self Catering B & B

Self-catering is great way to take your family on a holiday to Scotland. Full week and part week bookings are possible as is bed and breakfast that you cook yourself provides nearly all the comforts of your home. There are excellent options available starting at PS200 each week to a family of four, with kids from five years or more.

Pick a place that is convenient to local tourist centers and has unique Scottish views. For example, a family residence in Fort William is an ideal base for the Highlands with its glens and mountains. It is a great location for railway and road connections, and you’ll be able to secure a residence that can accommodate pets.

When searching for accommodation in Aviemore – lodge rental Scotland – Check out our website.

5. Camping (Kids Love Campsites)

Traditional, and some might say the best option, camping is ideal for cheap holidays for families living in Scotland. There are hundreds of campsites throughout the country However, some of them are only open at specific dates of the year.

Numerous campsites have been specifically made to be suitable for children. They are situated in exciting places, like Wester Bonnyton Farm in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland. The site is close to the ocean, which is within a portion of the country known as the Scotland’s Dolphin Coast. These ideas can make camping a great choice for children as well as adults.

In addition to offering a taste outdoor life and a cheap family vacation Modern campsites usually have state of the art wifi facilities and they are generally dog-friendly.

6. Holiday Parks

A lot of families opt for holiday parks to make sure that they have a fun time, and this is an excellent alternative in Scotland. There are numerous specifically designed, family-friendly places along the coast as well as in the inland areas of the country. With the natural wonders all around you, a vacation park is a great place to spend your time. You have virtually no chances of having an uninterested kid in your lap.

Within the West of Scotland, Tralee Bay Holidays located in Argyll is a great model of a modern vacation park. It has lodge accommodations located in the woodlands you’re close to stunning beaches, coastlines and walks. The centre also offers play areasand a zipwire for the adventurous.

Don’t Forget This

Holiday parks are very popular, so remember to book well in advance. Additionally, availability could depend on the season you’re hoping to go on holiday.

Traveling for Less

If you’re going to Scotland on holiday, you will probably desire to explore as much of the country as you can. The good news is that travelling around should not be a burden on the cost of your break.

7. Train travel

If you plan your trip in advance train travel can be a superb option for families to experience the best of Scotland. From steam trains with restored steam engines through Scotland’s Highlands as well as the Glens to the newest electrified routes. The majority of Scotland’s major destinations are easily accessible via train.

For stunning views, enjoy the picturesque route starting from Perthshire before heading out to the Cairngorms mountains towards Inverness.

8. Bus and Coach Travel

The most economical way to travel to and around Scotland is by coach or bus. Although this isn’t ideal for all families however, it can be an actual cost savings when you’re willing to. Of of course Megabus is a great option. Megabus travels to destinations in Scotland and can cost as little as PS1 per person. They have plenty of space for luggage, which might be exactly the thing you’re looking for.

Other coaches are available which could be more suitable based on your family members. Scotland’s road network has been heavily refurbished in recent times, all the way through the Highlands and even to remote locations. Even though traveling long distances by coach can be tiring, there are some spectacular sights to see.

9. Air Travel

Travelling to and around Scotland is often easier via air. In some cases it might also work out cheaper than other types of transportation. One thing is certain air travel is much faster than sea or land travel, particularly in a place like Scotland.

International airports are located located at five locations across the country; Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Prestwick. Particularly if you’re traveling across a large distance they could be the best solution when you are preparing to leave and arrive to go on holiday.

Within Scotland within Scotland there are flights that are remarkably short, using smaller aircrafts. There are also flights on the internal route from Glasgow to the Western Isle of Barra, and from Aberdeen to Shetland. There’s also a connection that connects Edinburgh as well as Wick John O’Groats which is located at the top of the Scottish mainland. This could save a lot of time.

Booking air flights ahead is an excellent method of saving cash and time for families. In certain instances, the cost can be competitive with train travel.


How much should I budget for an entire day for a family of four?

Scotland can be a relatively cheap region of the UK to visit with your loved ones, based upon where you travel. Avoid tourist sites that are popular during peak times, or take advantage of free activities, particularly in Edinburgh and the other major cities. With meals out and transport, you could pay PS200 per day. More prudent days out will cost less than PS100.

What’s the price average for the activities?

Cheap holidays for families in Scotland can cost you less than PS60 per day for all your activities. This will cover a full day of activities at Edinburgh Castle for a family of four. City tours are available in Edinburgh and the other important Scottish cities. These tours can cost as little as PS40 for a day.

What’s the least expensive type of accommodation that has a swimming or pool?

For the family of four it could be more economical renting a cottage that has an outdoor pool rather than booking into the hotel. Hotels with pools tend to be in the luxury category, so could cost from PS200 to PS200 per night. There are family-friendly hotels accessible throughout Scotland which could work out considerably less, particularly if you stay more than one night.

Final word

By booking ahead you can make your family holiday to Scotland an absolute success, while spending less. With the option of cheap accommodations and travel, as well with amazing activities, there’s no better destination for families.